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The Intel Media Group (IMG) is a full-service Public Relations firm. Based in Baltimore and New York. IMG services a diverse portfolio of entertainment, lifestyle, beauty, and non-profit clientele in NY, LA, DC, MIA, and ATL. Our goal is to provide strategic communications services at the intersection of influence, impact and ingenuity.

Strategic Communications Services

Taking your brand to the next level

We ensure the success of our clients by providing a customized experience for your brand. We work diligently to define and shape the narratives and public perception of our clients to create maximum visibility throughout traditional and new media.

Public Relations

We understand the value of building brand trustworthiness through third-party media outlets, which leads to organic outreach and earned attention. We create memorable moments for our clientele, which adheres to their overarching mission and core values for media coverage. We are the front line of defense for any individual or business looking to communicate with the general public.

Virtual Event Planning

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced IMG to revamp event planning, which is why we now offer Virtual Event Planning. We will follow the same process as if it were an in-person event through the means of finding a particular hosting platform, promotions, and retention.

Digital Content Strategy

With our digital content strategy services, we aim to present a tailor-made approach through planning and implementation. Through SEO, marketing, promotion, and campaigns, we will provide the necessary tools for a more substantial social media presence. We will also stay abreast of specific social media trends and changes to increase digital brand awareness, traffic, and lead generation.


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About Us


At Intel Media Group, we have a team of savvy professionals with a passion for story telling. Our expertise lies in sharing that passion with others. We know how today’s customers get their information because we are today’s customers. We’re your core demographic, and we’re always plugged in. We’re also educated, experienced and excited. That’s how we keep our clients’ brands top of mind—with a customized mix of market research, interactive social media, creative events and smart product placement. Our clients love us because we tailor our strategies specifically to them and then relentlessly measure the results to position their business for success.


Our scientific schemes set us apart from the rest and afford us the opportunity to not only tell your story with style, but to demonstrate just how far you’ve come. In turn, this allows you to figure out where you’re headed. 


We’re well-rounded story tellers, mad scientists and most importantly, we’re fierce experts. By working with Intel Media Group, you will see how easy it can be to work with PR pros who really understand where you are and where you want to be. 

Our experts are the finest
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Client Testimonials

Chantel Clea Goings 
Clea Productions

Intel Media Group has been instrumental in helping shape the narratives for all Clea Event Productions projects. We've worked in tandem for highlight events such as Congressional Black Caucus, Trap The Vote, and much more. 

Robert Ingram, Former SVP of Strategic Programs and Initiatives

A large measure of success in the program was due to Intel's outstanding work which resulted in over 20 major institutions being represented. The program was represented flawlessly on the local and national level, gaining much media coverage.

Tammy Thompson
T3 Media

Deja Cromartie and Regan Farley

are two young, dynamic Black Women in PR and Publicity. They have been a joy to work with and are getting me into markets that I wouldn’t have had the time, patience or knowledge to get into. I’m so excited to see what they do next. Thank you both!


Current and Past Clients~

Benedict College 
Trap Music Museum
Lumina Foundation
We Wear The Mask Documentary
Young Gets It Done

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